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If your company has a blog, then you know the challenge of posting consistently and frequently. The blog is often one of the most neglected elements of a website. What if you could not only keep your blog up to date but help someone else too? 

Guest blogging is a viable option to consider for maintaining your blog. No matter your industry, there are people interested in getting exposure on other sites. By enlisting their help for your blog, you get relief from the pressure of constantly creating new content.

Conversely, if you have knowledge of a specific industry and are looking for a way to build your reputation and share your knowledge, guest blogging is a way to increase your exposure. There are many reasons bloggers are joining forces, including these:

  1. Targeted, Quality Traffic – When you work with a guest blogger, their ‘followers’ are likely to visit your site to read their post. This can mean more traffic for you, particularly if the guest blogger is an expert in your field.
  2. Variety – By inviting a blogger with a unique perspective to write a post for your site, you get new, distinctive content to offer your readers.
  3. Reciprocity – Many times, guest blogging can be reciprocal. You write for their blog, and they write for yours. Consequently, both parties benefit.
  4. Credibility – Bringing in respected guest bloggers can add credibility to your site. When you partner with those who are accepted and highly regarded in your field, you benefit from their credibility.
  5. Break Time – Having a guest blogger gives you a break from writing your own blog posts. Studies show that we’re all more productive when we add some ‘down time’ into our schedules.  
  6. Backlinks – Both Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank use backlinks as part of their ranking system. Increasing your backlinks can benefit your rank in search engine results.
  7. Bigger Platform – New bloggers can benefit from the exposure provided by posting on sites with a large audience. Established bloggers can benefit from posting on sites that reach different audiences than their usual ones. 
  8. Relationships – Guest blogging can lead to building positive relationships within your industry. 
  9. Portfolio – For those looking to build a portfolio, consider guest blogging for businesses within your areas of knowledge. For established bloggers, consider hosting a student blogger on your site to give them opportunity and experience.

Guest blogging can be mutually beneficial for those involved. It may take some time and effort to set it up initially, but you can see the many potential benefits in the list above. Have you hosted a guest blogger on your site? Been a guest blogger on someone else’s site?Click on comments below to share your story with our readers.