custom or template? website design Raleigh NC

custom or template? website design Raleigh NCCustom design or template? When creating a website, it’s one of the most fundamental decisions to make. Both options are valid, so how do you decide?

Compare this to another fundamental choice: how to make a dinner entree. Will you make your own creation from scratch or follow a recipe?

Developing a custom website is like making a dinner entree without a recipe (or hiring a personal chef!). The ingredients are completely up to you and your designer. Since you’re creating as you go, the prep time is longer and the cost is higher – you pay more for the time, expertise and creativity of customization.

Choosing to use a website template is like following a recipe. The ingredients are pre-determined and pre-tested, consequently less time and cost is involved in the development. There are a few limited customizations that can be made, and it’s likely that other websites will have a look similar to yours. For the reliability of your site, it is important that you choose a template from a trust-worthy source.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of custom designs and templates:

Custom Design


  • Completely unique to your company or business
  • Created specifically to function according to the needs and preferences of your customers, market, product or brand
  • Highly adaptable


  • Extended development time
  • Higher cost



  • Shortened development time
  • Many reliable choices available
  • Some customization in colors, fonts, graphics possible
  • Lower cost


  • Generic look (sites using the same template look similar)
  • Limited functionality and customization
  • Poorly coded templates can result in issues (broken links, suboptimal SEO, etc.)

Need a basic site launched quickly and within a restricted budget? A template is the right choice for you. Need eCommerce capability within complex brand specifications? Customization is the way to go.

Page Progressive builds both custom and template-based sites, helping clients determine the optimal choice for their individual situations. Give us a call today!

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