As you may know, it’s important to get incoming links pointing to your website in order to improve your ranking in search engines. But you can take that one step further by making sure that the person who links to you formats the link in such a way that creates a relationship between your link and several key terms. This is usually done using the title tag, like:

<a href="" title="Your site title and keywords here">Your site title and keywords here</a>

For those of you who are not HTML-inclined, we’ve created a free web app and placed it on our search engine optimization page to make properly generating this code a snap. Just enter your website address, website title, and several key phrases and viola, out pops the proper code, which you can copy and pass along to the people that you want to link to your site.Keep in mind for best results you should mix up the keywords and title a bit from site to site to make it look more natural.

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