While Google AdWords can be a great tool to build your business, this is only the case if you know how to use it. One such way is by using Google AdWords in conjunction with your SEO. After all, with SEO being one of the contributing factors to your website’s search engine ranking and the potential for Google AdWords to promote your site, using these elements together makes sense (as well as cents!)

Getting Started Using the Google Keywords Tool

To make Google AdWords beneficial to your website’s SEO, it is necessary to understand the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. And, while using the Tool is not terribly difficult, understanding the results can be somewhat challenging—especially if you don’t use this Tool often.

The first thing to do when you use the Google AdWords Tool is to decide what terms are commonly used in your field, and then type them into the Keyword search box. Before selecting “Search,” mark the option, “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.” Failing to do this will result in an extremely long list of items that may, or may not, have anything at all to do with your business.

Secondly, be sure to select the “exact”  option in the match type column, as this will change keyword result numbers to be realistic in search volume. Third, keep in mind that the search result numbers reflect local and global searches for the past 12 months. So, if you are offering a relatively new product/service there may be insufficient data on Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Once you have analyzed the data regarding the terms you want to use for your website and determine which ones will work best for your needs, you can begin search engine optimization on your site.

If you have already made use of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, then you are ready to use the results in conjunction with your site’s SEO. Here are 3 steps for increasing your site’s SEO by using Google AdWords.

  1. Analyze the most frequently targeted keywords. Keep in mind that what you view as your primary keywords are not the only words used to find your website. You may also want to take advantage of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool’s option to enter your site’s URL and note the words that are being used to search for your website. The phrases/words listed might be a surprise.
  2. Note which words have the largest conversion ratio so you know which words will net the greatest results for your site. In addition, track which words or phrases gain the fewest results and eliminate those keywords. The words/phrases, in particular the one or two with the highest traffic, should be a part of your Google AdWords campaign.
  3. Use Geotargeting along with SEO and Keywords results to get even greater results. Each month when you receive your report from Google Analytics, note what regions may be receiving better conversion rates then combine this knowledge with SEO and your ad campaign.

Using Google AdWords is one of the greatest tools available online to build your business. By combining it with other elements such as SEO and Geotargeting, you can improve your page ranking considerably. Talk to one of Page Progressive’s Google AdWords specialists to learn more about how you can make the most of these valuable tools.