1. Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

    No matter the size of your business or organization, having an email service provider (ESP) is a must. You can choose a paid service or a free one, but email is still the standard method of communicating in most business environments – whether to an individual or a large group. However, there are many different email service providers to choose from so deciding which one to work with can be daunting. Knowing what type of email service provider you should use, based on your entity’s specific needs will help make the decision easier.

  2. Google G-Suite Legacy Free Edition Comes to an End in 2022 – Here’s What You May Need to Do About it!

    Google G-Suite (Now called Google Workspace) has been a part of many small businesses for a long time. As such, these companies have come to depend on G-suite and its many tools. Throughout the 16+ years that the Workspace has been available, there have been many changes, tools, and revisions, but the free use of the program has made it quite appealing to the company looking to do more and spend less. However, Google has recently announced that “G suite legacy free edition will be no more beginning this year.”

  3. Email

    Google Adopting More Strict Email Policy

    Google is about to update  their authentication policy that impacts people who use Gmail to send emails through a third-party service like email marketing services or website contact forms. Free email providers like Yahoo, AOL, and soon Google have adopted the strict DMARC  email authentication protocol to prevent spam.

  4. 15 Tips for Effective Autoresponder Campaigns

    In our last post, we discussed the merits of using an autoresponder for e-mail marketing to help boost your sales. But, now that you know the benefits of using an autoresponder, how can you be sure that the campaign(s) you design will be acknowledged and read? Here are some tips for a good autoresponder campaign.

  5. Using Autoresponders to Promote Sales

    Staying in touch with your customer base, as well as keeping the name of your company in front of potential customers, is an important part of any effective sales strategy  However, many of us don’t have time to send out e-mail series or spend time working on extensive e-mail marketing campaigns. Yet, it is vital that one take the time to send out e-mail campaigns, as they are a prime way to keep your brand out there, build trust, send targeted information, support sales efforts and increase the client base.

  6. What You Need to Know About Effective E-Mail Marketing

    Just a few decades ago, marketing was done primarily via television, radio and with the help of the U.S. postal service. Today, marketing has evolved to include e-mail marketing as a viable replacement for snail mail thanks to its lower cost, ease of distribution and higher returns. So, if you have not joined the e-marketing trend, what is it that is holding you back?  And, if you are a part of e-mail marketing, ask yourself whether or not your marketing campaign is all it can be.

  7. MailChimp: A Great Newsletter System Worth Checking Out

    If you are looking for a tool to create E-newsletters, or improve your internet marketing campaign, check out MailChimp. With MailChimp, you will find an assortment of features that allow you to increase the productivity of your business and stay in contact with the people you care about most. In fact, here at Page Progressive, we use it and love all that MailChimp can do. Recently, MailChimp has added several new tools. Check out these new features, along with some of those that have been around a while, and decide if MailChimp is right for you.


    Time Warp

    Time Warp is a free service for up to 500 subscribers. It allows you to set up e-mail campaigns based on a recipient’s time zone. Just pick the time of day you want your message/campaign to begin, and it will start at the same local time in every time zone on earth. This feature is possible due to a MailChimp geolocation service which allows them to find the location and time zone of your subscribers, and then send a targeted campaign to all subscribers within a 150 mile radius around any point on the globe. In addition, Time Warp allows you to check your MailChimp account to see how many members of your list are in each time zone and see if their e-mail has been delivered or check how your campaign is doing by hovering over each time zone.

    The Delivery Doctor

    The Delivery Doctor analyzes your e-mail, running a plethora of tests, and then lets you know why you are being blocked, along what you need to do to fix it. Some of the tests ran are: subject lines, email content, and images. The results and any recommendations will be e-mailed to you. However, keep in mind that this diagnosis option is only available to users on the paid plans.


    Email through MailChimp allows you to decide what language you want to use (or let MailChimp do it for you based on the subscriber location) and then with one click, your e-mail will be sent in their language.

    Additional Free Features

    MailChimp has a variety of features that are free to their subscribers that can help you build a profitable business. You won’t want to overlook these great business enhancing choices.

    • Free email marketing guides on step by step instructions, start up tips, solutions to common problems and many others.
    • Free HTML Email templates-MailChimp has 4 basic templates to help you get going.
    • ChimpCharts allow marketers to track sales, set goals based on industry, study metrics an more to measure and deliver more effective campaigns.
    • Monkey Wrench Newsletter-free letter with the latest in tips, tricks, news, email marketing stats and even prizes.