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Using WooCommerce for selling photographs online has taken a leap forward with the introduction of its new Photography extension.

WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce plugins for sites built with WordPress. The new Photography extension adds custom capabilities making the platform more user-friendly for photographers selling their images online.

Here’s how WooCommerce describes the Photography extension on its website:

… designed to assist professional photographers with the day-to-day management and sale of their images for events or as artwork. From the uploading and setup of photographs to the sale and customer purchase experience, WooCommerce Photography streamlines this entire process.

A key feature of the extension is the “drag and drop” batch upload capability.

The tool also streamlines the customer’s experience – as described on the WooCommerce site:

… an intuitive photograph browsing and purchasing experience, making use of the familiar and friendly WooCommerce checkout process

The Photography tool works in conjunction with other “Woo tools” including Product Add-ons and Checkout Field Editor to make photographs available in multiple print sizes from your choice of labs. In addition, the Easy Watermark tool protects against theft of images.

For photographers using WooCommerce to sell images through a WordPress-based online store, we think this extension is worth investigation. It may be the tool that takes your sales to the next level.

To learn more, read the product FAQ and documents. To provide feedback for the WooCommerce developers, leave a comment on their blog. If you have questions about using WooCommerce on your site, contact us here at Page Progressive or write to us using the comments tab below.