Okay, so we’ve been discussing keyword generation, search engine optimization, link building and today we tackle the basics of paid online advertising…

Online Advertising

There are a lot of places you can spend your money advertising on the web. Some places yield better results than others. Find sites that rank well in searches, and don’t forget you can advertise directly on search engines using Google Adwords or Yahoo Online Marketing. Often it’s easier to pay for an ad for a key phrase than to rank for it organically. This is especially true for highly competitive phrases. The best part is you get almost instant results with paid advertising, unlike link building, which takes months to see the full benefits of your labor. Also think about sites where your target demographic are. Facebook Advertising, for example, has a great advertising program that let’s you target specific demographics.

So that sums up our three-part discussion on online marketing. I plan to flesh out more specific details in future posts as well, so stay tuned!