1. Ways to Leverage Facebook Graph Search and EdgeRank to Your Advantage

    Today’s post has been contributed by guest author, Eric Taylor of Qwaya. The ideas expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Page Progressive. By publishing this post, we are not endorsing the product with which the author is affiliated.

    Oh, Facebook! It sure seems quite simple to look at it, an understated elegance if you will. But once you lift up the hood, it’s like a small engine mechanic looking at the electrical intricacies of a Mercury probe. Don’t fret, though; aspects of Facebook like EdgeRank and Graph Search only appear to be complicated. Once you get through some tech jargon, you’ll find that it’s really just a type of site-contained SEO.

  2. Understanding EdgeRank for Facebook Success

    What content do you want to see in your Facebook news feed? The answer is highly debated and varies according to each individual user on this popular social media platform.

    Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, EdgeRank, determines what shows up in individual news feeds. It’s helpful to understand some basics about the algorithm in order to get the most mileage from your Facebook business page.

    EdgeRank sorts posts based on three factors: affinity, weight and time decay. Higher rankings in these three areas means an item is more likely to show up in a user’s news feed.

  3. 8 Best Business Practices for the New Facebook News Feeds

    Here are eight ways to get more mileage as a business from the new Facebook news feeds:

    1. Publish more visual content. Incorporate a photo or video into your posts to garner more pick up in the types of news feeds your fans are choosing. (Some may opt for a news feed of images and exclude ‘text only’ posts.)
    2. Plan photo-focused ads. Pair strong, persuasive copy with an engaging photo in your ads. (Avoid using ‘random,’ uninteresting photos.)
    3. Keep your copy short. With the emphasis on photos, Facebook has changed how it displays captions. They no longer appear below the photos but overlay them in the news feeds. Keep your copy brief, informative and engaging. Use a call to action to engage your fans.
  4. Make it Visual for Facebook’s New Update

    Facebook’s latest revisions give greater emphasis to visual content in news feeds, provide users more feed filtering options, and create consistency across computer, tablet and mobile access devices. Knowing how and why this social media platform is changing can help you make the most of it for your business.

  5. New Facebook WordPress Plugin

    By now, you are well aware of Facebook and its plethora of cohorts like Twitter, Google and other social media sites. And, if you are an avid user of Facebook, you also know that Facebook is always changing or adding features-some of these are loved, and others, maybe not so much. 😉 But recently Facebook has released a plugin that, as a business owner you will want to take advantage of – the Facebook Plugin for WordPress.

  6. 40 Social Media Faux Pas You Need to Know About

    Recently seen on a T-shirt, “You read my T-shirt. That is enough social interaction for the day.” If that is your approach to social media, then chances are you are not fully utilizing the various social media sites, especially the big 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Perhaps you are using the top three, but not in a strategic way  that is advantageous to your company. Just having an account and making the occasional social media post does not yield very good results! However, there are some pitfalls you can avoid to make your social media interactions better. Make note of these social media faux pas that can make sure your social media pages produce results for your business.

  7. Using the New Facebook Timeline to Promote Your Business

    It is nearly impossible to go through at day without seeing a reference to Facebook. That’s because social media users have realized that with just a few minutes invested, they can get their message out to people all around the globe. Of course, businesses and e-marketers are well aware of the potential of Facebook.

    In addition, if you have been paying attention, you know that Facebook has recently made some changes, which when utilized, can significantly improve your Facebook presence. If you are aware of the latest changes, but have not had a chance to explore them, here is a brief description of each.

  8. The Wisdom in Social Media Tools

    In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon wrote, “To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven.”  And when it comes to business and the world of social media that is no less true. While some business practices are constants, others change based on advancements in technology, social media practices, the way search engines process information and an assortment of other elements.

    Consequently, the wise business owner will take the steps necessary to build and promote their business. Some of the ways to do that is by using social media and by choosing tools that will help you stay connected to what is being said about your business. To help you in the social media tool selection process, here are some tips for choosing specific types of tools.