1. Wix or WordPress: Which is the Best for Business Websites and Why

    Your business needs are growing and you know you need to build (or upgrade) your website. You know there are options available for creating websites, but it can be confusing how to decide which platform is the best fit for you? With Wix and WordPress being two of the most well-known platforms, we are going to compare the two from the perspective of a developer who works a lot with small business owners. And just full-disclosure, we do develop with WordPress, although we have helped a few clients with their DIY type sites on Wix, Weebly and Squarespace over the years.

  2. Is Your Website as Powerful as it Could Be? Tips for 2019!

    Did You Know….

    • Studies show that product/service assessment takes buyers about 90 seconds.
    • When that same shopper is looking to buy online, that number is reduced to 8 seconds – 94% of those impressions are influenced by the website design.
    • More startling, is that when shopping online, your product is not just judged for what it is but 75% of users judge your brand credibility based on your website design.

    Consequently, it is vital that you have a website design that commands the attention of your site guests, so that you can maximize user engagement.

  3. Finish Strong: SEO Tips for 2018 and Beyond

    The year is rapidly drawing to an end – in fact in just 2 short months we will heralding in 2019. (Wow – where has the time gone!?) But before we turn the proverbial page to the next year, now is the time to get your website ready to help you build your business larger than before.

    While there are many actions that can be taken to improve your website, one of the best things you can do is to review and analyze your SEO practices. Sure, having great looking graphics, informative content and frequently updated blog posts are all important, but if your site’s SEO is not reviewed periodically, then you are missing out on web traffic.

  4. SEO Strategies Raleigh NC

    SEO Guide for 2018: Incorporating Holistic SEO

    We all know that content is king of the web, but there is much more to ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) than just having a plethora of content with some keywords worked in. Today’s websites must also combine elements such as ensuring a great user experience (UX), being mobile friendly, containing quality backlinks and executing effective search engine optimization (SEO). With that mind, it is important to ensure your website incorporates what has become known as “holistic” SEO strategy.

  5. Should 2018 Be the Year You Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

    A decade ago, voice search seemed like something relegated science fiction. But voice search is now a very real aspect of people’s lives who use voice-based interaction with devices, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google. 

    This amazing feature uses voice recognition software to translate the spoken word into text and makes it easier to interact with your device or search for something on the web. It could be something simple like, “Where is the closest gas station?” or “Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?”

  6. 12 Types of Web Content to Boost Your Website Traffic in 2018

    2017 has nearly closed and 2018 is looming. If you have looked at the numbers for your website traffic and find yourself deciding  your 2018 New Year’s Resolution list will include “Boost website traffic,” then you are not alone. However, wanting to increase your web traffic, and knowing where to start are two entirely different things. Fortunately, boosting your website traffic is not as intimidating as it might sound – though it will take a bit of time and effort (or you can talk to a Page Progressive team member about helping out!)

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    How Important is a Fast Loading Website in 2017 and Beyond?

    Did you know……

    • Research from DoubleClick (owned by Google) revealed that sites 53% of mobile sites are abandoned if the page took more than 3 seconds to load.
    • A presentation by AliExpress claimed they reduced load time for their pages by 36% and recorded a 10.5% increase in orders and a 27% increase in conversion rates for new customers.
    • recorded a 7% positive rise in conversions after improving the render time of web pages by 68%, reducing page bloat by 46% and reducing load time by 64%.

    As consumers, we like things fast. Fast money, fast cars, fast results, and fast food are but a few examples of the value we place on fast services or results we deem important. Consequently, it no surprise that we also expect our internet to be fast and websites we visit to be loaded quickly. In fact, this need for speed on the Web has resulted in Google determining earlier this year to include Site Speed as a ranking factor in search results.

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    9 Benefits of a PPC Campaign

    When thinking about building an online marketing strategy, there are a variety of elements that need to be considered. One of the most vital is a PPC (Pay Per Click). By using a PPC campaign, you are able to see how effective your approach is quickly because you do not have to wait for search engines to re-index your website like you do with organic SEO efforts.