1. How to Boost Website Conversion Rate in 2017

    If you have plenty of website traffic, but are still not having as many conversions as you would like, then perhaps it is time to re-assess your approach. If you are interested in boosting your website’s conversion rate, then now is the time to implement solid CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics.

  2. 9 Reasons to Consider Guest Blogging as a Source of Content for Your Site

    If your company has a blog, then you know the challenge of posting consistently and frequently. The blog is often one of the most neglected elements of a website. What if you could not only keep your blog up to date but help someone else too? 

  3. Internet Marketing: 7 Tips to Improve Your Results Now

    Are traffic and engagement on your website less than you hoped for? How are you marketing it? Internet marketing is the umbrella term referring to many avenues for promoting your business online. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing and more, tactics that drive traffic to your website and engage visitors’ attention once they arrive.

  4. Local Google Search Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

    When you’re looking for a local business – from restaurants to florists, auto mechanics to dentists – where do you turn? Most of us pick up an electronic device and enter key words into a search engine. Therefore it is vital for local businesses to have online listings that are current, accurate and easy to find. Tools such as “Google My Business” are helpful for managing your online listings. Here are some basic guidelines to get the most mileage from your listings:

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    SEO Success: 7 Elements That Help Search Engines Work for You

    Anyone creating a business website has probably wondered: If I build it, will ‘they’ come? (like the question made famous in the movie Field of Dreams). Getting targeted traffic to your site is an essential for success of any online endeavor — and SEO (search engine optimization) is a primary means of accomplishing it.

    According to the Wikipedia entry for SEO, the concept has been around since the mid-1990s. (The history of SEO on this page makes an interesting read!) Over the years, both website development and SEO have increased in complexity. But the goal of search engines and the process that drives them remain the same: to provide the most relevant and useful results to a searcher’s query.

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    Google Search Update: Penalties for Using Pop-Ups

    If you, like many others, are aggravated when you visit a website and are greeted with a pop-up window, Google’s latest announcement is sure to make you smile.

    Google will be penalizing those mobile sites that have intrusive full-page ads and interstitial ads, by making them appear lower in search engine results.

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    6 Dangers of “Do It Yourself” Websites

    Gone are the days when building a website required knowing or learning HTML code. Now there are options galore including Content Management System (CMS) choices such as WordPress and Joomla and free ‘builders’ such as Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

    Given this landscape, when creating a new site, how do you decide between ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) options and hiring a professional? Both are valid methods that should be weighed based on your particular situation and budget. When deciding, consider these dangers of the DIY route:

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    Looking Ahead to 2016: 5 Web Design Trends to Consider for the New Year

    Fall is here, along with pumpkin spice everything and thoughts of a new calendar year. Have you started considering what your web presence should look like in 2016? We’ve scanned website trend predictions for 2016 and compiled this post for your consideration and planning.