Reading recent statistics about the value of visual content on a website brings to mind this centuries-old adage: “Seeing is believing.” Consider these stats reported on, for example:

  • Sites that use infographics get 12 percent more traffic than sites that do not.
  • 67 percent of consumers consider clear, detailed images to carry more weight than product information or customer ratings.
  • 60 percent of consumers are more likely to click on a business with images appearing in search results.
  • 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text.
  • Posts with visuals receive 94 percent more page visits and engagement than those without images.

What elements on a web page are the most likely to engage you? Take a quick tour online and notice what attracts your attention. If you’re like the majority of web users, you’ll notice visual content before words.

Visual content can include photos, logos, cartoons, infographics, slides and video clips.

The Increasing Value of Visual Web Content

Here are 5 reasons why visuals are becoming increasingly valuable for your online presence:

  • Distinguishing your site from others. As increasing numbers of sites are developed from content management system templates, there’s a tendency for sites to start looking alike. Well planned and developed custom visuals can provide the professional appearance you desire and help your site stand out in a crowded field.
  • The number of users searching the web via a smartphone or tablet is multiplying. Visual elements are easier to see on these smaller screens than multiple lines of text. (Is your website ‘mobile friendly’?)
  • Visual content is ready and easy to share on social media.
  • Visuals communicate ideas quickly, breaking through the clutter of information that exists online.
  • Creating visual content is becoming much easier with smart phone cameras and access to dozens of free visual content creation tools online.

Are you using visual content on your site successfully? Please share your ideas with us below. Or, if you would like to talk with one of our team members about how to increase the value of your visual content, please contact us.

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