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Are traffic and engagement on your website less than you hoped for? How are you marketing it? Internet marketing is the umbrella term referring to many avenues for promoting your business online. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing and more, tactics that drive traffic to your website and engage visitors’ attention once they arrive.

What makes Internet Marketing effective?

An effective internet marketing strategy incorporates an accurate description of targeted prospects, a well-planned combination of tactics and realistic goals – for starters. To increase the effectiveness of your internet marketing, here are 7 tips you can implement right now:

  1. Engaging Content – Engaging and useful content can make the difference between whether visitors spend time reading your site or move on. Whatever word count you choose, make the most of it by tailoring it to the interests and knowledge level of your visitors. Use keywords strategically to help search engines help your targeted readers find you. The best content is shared – which means your customers will help do the marketing for you.
  2. SEO – Is your site reader-friendly? Search-engine friendly? Considering the needs for both and finding a balance could improve your results. Read more in our recent SEO post
  3. User Friendliness – Making your site ‘friendly’ (responsive) to visitors on multiple devices is a key to effective digital marketing. If your site is not updated in this way, you are likely to be losing out on visitors using phones and tablets. Read more from our blog post about this.
  4. Effective Visuals – Effective and relevant images (photos, graphics, cartoons) and video draw in readers. Test it yourself to see what pages attract your attention and readership.
  5. Landing Pages – Well-written and designed landing pages – with a single purpose and clear call to action – can work well to capture the interest of your site visitors. These pages are useful for marketing special offers – such as e-books or buyer discounts. Read more.
  6. Email Marketing– Building an email list from your website visitors (by encouraging them to subscribe), then sending them valuable, relevant and easy-to-read content is a no-brainer. Read more in our previous post.
  7. Build Authority and Trust – There are numerous ways to accomplish this — guest blogging, including links to authoritative sites, hosting webinars, creating social media groups, to name a few. As you build trusted relationships online, your business will benefit.

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